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Mauritius Real Estate Scheme (RES): benefits to buyers from abroad

As part of its liberal economic policy, the state of Mauritius has established an operational regulatory framework for foreign investment, to promote business development and the real estate sector, under the guidance of the Board of Investment - BOI.

The program for the opening and the promotion of international real estate allows foreigners to purchase freehold property in Mauritius, and even too acquire permanent residency if the investment exceeds USD 500, 000.

Subject to the most stringent regulatory standards, financial arrangements and the quality of the execution, these residential projects are of world-class standards.

The purchase can be in any currency approved by the local banking institutions. They even offer buyers credit financed in Mauritian currency (Rupee). Resale and rental are allowed on both the international and local market.

The rental market, managed by specialized service companies, can produce a source of income, offering another significant advantage of this type of investment.

Since the implementation of this program in 2007, the number of professionally active or retired buyers who have settled in Mauritius proves the success of such projects.

Eligibility criteria for the purchase of residential property in Mauritius
The purchase of a residential property in the Real Estate Scheme can only be contracted through a company registered in Mauritius for the development and promotion of this type of real estate project. The Carlos Bay promoter is duly authorized for this purpose by the BOI.

Who is eligible for purchase?
  • A foreign citizen.
  • A citizen of Mauritius.
  • A company or foreign company duly incorporated (articles submitted) and registered under the Companies Act (Companies Act 2001) of Mauritius
  • A trust, managed by a management company duly registered and licensed under the jurisdiction of Mauritius, by the Financial Services Commission.
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Promoted, developed and managed by a team of professionals
The Carlos Bay RES development is entirely managed by a team of international and professionals who have acquired vast experience in previous successfully completed projects. The work carried out will be in accordance with the legislation, including obtaining any administrative or security authorizations. All materials and equipment used for the execution of the work shall conform to professional standards.
Carlos Bay

This is an approved project by the Board of Investment under the Investment Promotion (Real Estate Development Scheme) regulations 2007.